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Pure & Turtle to break cover

by on07 April 2010


We will see what Microsoft has on April 12th

A mysterious invite for a Microsoft event was sent out last week that didn’t shed a lot of light on what the upcoming event was about. Our moles, however, tell us that at that event on April 12th the company will show us what they have been working on under the codename of Project Pink.

From what our over talkative moles say, Microsoft will show us two new handsets that are called by codenames Pure and Turtle. Both are said to be products of the Pink Project. It is a bit unclear as to what OS they might be running, however; but whispers suggest that they run a version of Windows CE rather than the recently shown Windows Phone 7.

Both the Pure and the Turtle are CDMA/EVDO and will be offered first by Verizon. While both units are sliders, our sources say that they will offer touch screen support as well, or at least that is what we are told. It is unclear if they will be Microsoft branded or not, and this remains the significant mystery.

Will have to wait and see what this announcement is all about, but knowing Microsoft it is bound to be interesting. We have to wonder if Microsoft has finally decided to roll the dice and enter the smart phone market arena as a provider. We doubt it, but then again, who ever thought that Apple would be one of the leading sellers of smart phones these days?

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