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HTC expects huge China handset sales

by on06 April 2010


4-5 million units

thinks that it will flog a huge number of handsets in China next year as the outfit's president Peter Chou has been telling the world+dog that it will sell 4-5 million units through its partner Dopod in 2011.

It will not be the first handset maker to see gold in China; Apple for example believed it would take the market by storm and didn't. Chou told Digitimes that this year HTC will cooperate with China Mobile to launch six new handsets, with the first model, the Qualcomm Brew Mobile Platform (BMP)-based HTC Smart, to be available in May.

The China-bound handsets will account for about 20 per cent of HTC's total handset shipments of 20-25 million projected for 2011 by market observers and this will be a big jump for HTC. Last year the outfit only flogged less than a million handsets behind the bamboo curtain.

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