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Verizon to get iPhone later this year

by on30 March 2010


CDMA version is said to really be on the way

The seemingly never ending saga in the U.S. of when Apple will release a CDMA version of the iPhone on Verizon seems to be one of the few rumors that just will not go away. According to our sources (and later confirmed by a Wall Street Journal article) who claim to be in the know, a CDMA version of the iPhone is in development; and, in fact, it is being developed right alongside the latest generation of iPhone which is expected to be officially announced in July.

From what our sources have to say, Apple’s exclusive deal with AT&T will end later this year, and the company has already committed to add Verizon as a second iPhone carrier. AT&T will continue to sell the iPhone in the U.S., as well.

No one is really talking about this, which is not surprising. While our sources claim that they don’t have an exact date, they suggest that it will be unlikely that you will be able to get your hands on the CDMA version till late summer or early fall; but it could be announced as soon as July.

Of course, we have all been down this road before. However, what is different this time around is that we have multiple sources that are being confirmed by other sources suggesting that it is going to happen. We always say that the best speculation on the amount of truth in a rumor is the amount that it has people talking. We still think you will see a CDMA iPhone before the end of the year and it will be on Verizon. The question really is when?

Last modified on 30 March 2010
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