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BlackBerry Slider likely called 9900 and 9930

by on25 March 2010


Sprint may have a deal in place for it

Our sources are suggesting that Sprint has been angling to get an exclusive deal for the upcoming BlackBerry Slider known under the codename of Talladega. We know that there is already a GSM/HSPA version that will carry the model numbers of the 9900 and 9930, but the CDMA version model number has not been set; our sources seem to think that it will be known as the 9940 and 9950 when released. Our sources also said that in the discussions that they have had about BlackBerry Sliders, no one seems to be associating these model numbers with the Bold family branding, so new branding could be in store. However, we think that they will stick with Bold in the end for these models.

While we don’t think that BlackBerry will agree to an exclusive window with Sprint, they might reconsider, depending on what Sprint might be willing to offer. Traditionally, Sprint has never been too aggressive at adding new BlackBerry models, so for them to step up and secure an exclusive window would be a big deal. Sprint might get an exclusive window over Verizon, but we suspect that they will have to hit some pretty tough numbers to do so.

One other interesting thing about the HSPA version of the device is that it will support 850/1900 UMTS, which would make it compatible with AT&T and Rogers 3G networks, which seems to confirm our sources report that AT&T and Rogers will be picking up the device in the North America market; and it is this reason alone that we are doubtful about a Sprint exclusive.

Last modified on 25 March 2010
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