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Jensen sees Tegra 2 in all but Apple

by on11 March 2010

Image vs.

Take that iPad

In its last
interview with CNN, Nvidia's CEOJensen was asked about that nice little chip called Tegra. He said some things that we do know, for example that Tegra one is shipping in systems and that Tegra 2 chip is developed but someone has yet to announce a system based on it.

Since Jensen underlines that Tegra 2 can run great even with HD1080 video, can do great flash and still have multitasking and great battery life, Nvidia clearly believes that its Tegra 2 is better than ARM based Apple rebranded A4 chip. We know that this is coming and have mentioned it here and here.             

When asked if Tegra 2 will get in the iPad, Jensen replied that it won't but he added that Tegra 2 will get to just about anyone else's tablet but not the ultra expensive device from Apple.

In summer 2009, when we last time talked to Jensen, he was aware that Apple was doing its own chip and we were not surprised since they have two top AMD/ ATI guys to lead these teams. We however hope that Apple's next generation can do a bit better than A4, as Tegra 2 is obviously far better.

You can find out more here.

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