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RIM to announce new slider model

by on22 March 2010


Talladega said to be new flagship model

According to our sources, the new RIM slider (which has been known by the codename “Talladega”) will get an official announcement later this week. The Talladega slider will be the first Blackberry from the company in this form factor and is said to be the new flagship model for the company going forward.

While we have already told you about the specs for Talladega, what we have not told you is the amount of negative whispers that we have been hearing about the upcoming BlackBerry slider from those that have had a chance to see it. The comments seem to center on the assumption that the Talladega is too big and heavy. While it is obvious that RIM is looking for something that can bridge the gap between the Curve and the Storm, sources have told us that this isn’t it.

According to what we are hearing, the announcement will come this week and with inventory to trickle into stores in May. (While we have heard from some who think that you will be able to get it by late April, we just don’t see it happening.) Currently, it is a GSM-only model and we have yet to confirm exactly which carriers will be getting it.

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