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USA gets crazy about Nexus One

by on07 January 2010


CES 2010: Google all sold out

Nexus One has surprised quite a few people. Its specification includes some nice things such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor which made the device quite fast and the thing that Google does its own sales makes an interesting case, as the company will move to hardware selling market.

Google has figured out that this is a good way to make some more money and to make more devices that will help Google in its plans to conquer the world. We saw the phone last night at the Pepcom conference and we can say that from a design point of view, it looks ok. It boasts some nice features and a fast CPU, but once we called Google and pretended we wanted to buy one, an automated response informed us that they ran out of them.

At this point we could not buy one, but Google assured us that the phone will be available quite soon. It is selling for $529.99 without any contract. T-Mobile will offer it for less than $200 and Europe will get it via exclusive deal with Vodafone. It should start shipping in Q1 2010.


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