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NewEgg has ?Eee? bit of a problem

by on06 November 2007


Five for the price of one is a big error

NewEgg had a bit of an interesting error that is being reported regarding the new Eee PC: the Internet etailer shipped unsuspecting purchasers five Eee PCs instead of just one. Apparently, NewEgg’s shipping department was confused by the over-box on the Eee PC that contained five units per box. NewEgg’s shipping department personnel assumed that each box only contained one unit, not five, and shipped the entire box of five to purchasers who only ordered one unit.

Apparently someone at NewEgg quickly discovered the problem and is now offering $30 store credit and free return shipping to entice consumers who received the five units to ship them back to NewEgg. While some people have reported that NewEgg has tried to get UPS to intercept known boxes that contain five units, at least some purchasers are reporting that they have, in fact, received all five units from NewEgg. It will be interesting to see how NewEgg handles all of these customers who have had their shipments delayed.

This is quite a mess for NewEgg and it is going to cost them a lot of money to get things right. It just goes to show what can happen when warehouse personnel are not properly notified of a potential situation before it occurs. NewEgg should have the problem corrected shortly and expects the Eee PC to be removed from back order status soon.

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