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Google to make Nexus One phone official

by on30 December 2009


Invites sent out for January 5th gathering

As everyone knows by now, Google has been working on their own Google smart phone, despite all of the previous denials to the contrary. The company will finally take the wraps off of their Android-powered challenger just prior to the start of CES.

The company has been sending out invitations to members of the media for a formal unveiling of the smart phone (known as Nexus) at the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California on January 5th. While the actual invitation itself does not reveal much in the way of details, it confirms much of what we pretty much already know.

The Google smart phone in the U.S. will be launched in conjunction with T-Mobile, who will be the company’s partner in the U.S. At least initially, Google will be selling the phone themselves over the Web; while T-Mobile will support it, the majority of the front line support for the phone will be provided by Google and OEM manufacturer of the phone, HTC. T-Mobile will be mostly responsible for billing and service, while troubleshooting, device support, and exchanges will be handled by Google and HTC.

Our sources seem to indicate that if the Google phone is successful as many think that it will be T-Mobile is likely to offer a subsidized Google phone with a contract in the March time frame, if everything goes according to plan. From what we hear, phones purchased directly over the Web from Google will be unlocked, so they will work with any GSM carrier’s network. Plans for partnering with other carriers outside the U.S. are expected to be announced at the January 5th briefing.

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