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Google phone is confirmed

by on15 December 2009


In testing now, will arrive in January

Despite all of Google's denials to this point, we have confirmed that Google will, in fact, be releasing a Google-branded Android phone in January. While the carriers are still to be determined and the company is apparently still talking to many of them, the official Google phone is real.

From what we hear, the company will be having the actual handsets built by an OEM for them, but the phone will carry Google branding and the company will be responsible for all of the design of this model as well as the specifications. We also hear that the Google phone (or the Nexus One, as it will supposedly be called) will offer all of the Android OS features, not a subset of the Android OS that some manufacturers have used. This means that all Android OS-designed applications will run on it.

As far as what we know about the actual design of the phone itself, it is said to be using the Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and it will be sizzling fast. It will be GSM only to start with, with a potential CMDA/EVDO version possible at some point in the future. Since it is GSM, it is likely that either AT&T or T-Mobile will get it in the U.S. The GSM is quad-band, so it has full world GSM abilities, with many carriers outside the U.S. already said to be expressing an interest.

It will be shipping with version 2.1 of the Android OS and will be displayed an OLED high resolution screen that is touchscreen for input. It is said to be unique in the fact that it will use a two mic setup to reduce background noise. The camera is said to be large and very high resolution with removable Micro SDHC storage abilities. Voice to text dictation will be standard with the device.

The most amazing thing is likely the fact that it will all be in a form factor that is about the same physical size as the 3GS iPhone, but much thinner. It is unknown if the battery will be removable or what type of battery it uses. We hear that although the clock speed of the processor is higher than the iPhone, the battery life is about the same as the iPhone.

From what we hear, Google employees are testing the phone now with more of them to get one free from the company as a holiday present of sorts. Google wanted to have the device out for the holidays, but due to production delays they were just not able to make that a reality. The company is said to be very committed to the project, but we will see how long that lasts. At any rate, it will be interesting to see how well they can compete against other players who have far more experience doing this sort of thing.

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