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Nokia X6 coming November 27

by on24 November 2009



flagship X6 handset will launch Friday, November 27, but we wouldn't hold our breath over it.

The X6 is supposed to be a 5800 done right and it features a much more attractive design, 32GB of memory and a few new features. The OS has been somewhat tweaked and resembles the one used on the 5530.

While all this sounds quite nice, we just don't see the X6 selling well at all. For a start, it costs €499, three times as much as a 5800 or 5530, but offers basically the same platform and functionality. True, you get more memory and a better camera, but we're really not sure 32GB of memory is worth €300 nowadays and who cares about the camera anyway.

Sadly, Nokia doesn't seem capable to put up a fight in this particular market segment and for some reason it insists its Symbian S60v5 is a good platform for touchscreen smartphones. Trust us, it just isn't.

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