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AT&T stores already have 9700 in stock

by on18 November 2009


Just not allowed to sell them till November 22nd

One of our moles from the land of orange and blue has told us that the majority of the AT&T corporate stores have already received their initial shipments of the long-awaited BlackBerry Bold 9700. The problem is that they are not yet allowed to sell them until November 22nd, according to what we are hearing. According to what our moles have told us, some exceptions are being made for local high-profile business customers; but the average AT&T customer will have to wait till November 22nd to buy one.

Other news of note is that AT&T has posted version of the BlackBerry OS for the Bold 9700 up on their Website already. Those in the know tell us that the majority of the 9700s have shipped with an older version, and this will allow buyers to update to the latest AT&T approved version of the BlackBerry OS for the 9700. Still, the latest version that AT&T is offering for download is still behind versions, which is said to be the current build that RIM is testing internally.

Early reviews have been very positive for the device, and those who have gotten one in the U.S. through T-Mobile (who already launched the 9700) seem to be pleased with their purchase; but we will hear whispers of several pesky bugs on some of the early versions of the OS. Nonetheless, it would seem that the majority who has it are happy with their decision to hold out and purchase it.

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