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4th-generation iPhone midboard hardware surfaces

by on03 November 2009


China Ontrade claims to have the goods

While skepticism is one of our favorite past times, we must admit that China Ontrade hasn't "cried wolf" the last time around, when they literally prophesied the iPhone 3GS together with the previously detailed components. This time around, the wholesaler has revealed pictures of what is supposed to be the midboard of the 4th-generation iPhone launching sometime next summer.

The company says that the 4th-gen iPhone midboard measures 113.5mm x 57.2mm, which is just a bit smaller than the iPhone 3G's at 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm. iPhones traditionally launch sometime in summer, which would mean that the company will have had the parts eight months before the actual product. This seems to be an unlikely scenario, given Apple's usual tight schedules with hardware vendors and its crackdowns with overseas partners. Last time during the iPhone 3GS debut, such claims were made one month before the product launch, which made for a more believable read, but we can't dismiss this as of yet either. Another option to consider is that we may see the next-gen iPhone in a month or two, possibly even a refresh model, but this idea remains under heavy debate.

Several analysts suggest that Google's Android growth along with the introduction of OS version 2.0 might be the reason why Apple will launch iPhone version 4 sometime soon. While we wouldn't go so far as to even compare Android to iPhone, the potential is definitely in place for an interesting competition between the two.

Be it as it may, we will be certain soon enough, but we are secretly hoping that China Ontrade is correct. After all, it has been suggested that this might even be the component to find its way into the long-talked-about "iTablet", which could very well happen, but at this point it's still nothing but a rumor.

You can read more and check out the pictures of the supposed "Midboard" here.

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