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China's Linux market grows

by on06 November 2007


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CCID Consulting
, China's research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, says that China's Linux market has grown by 29.2 per cent. The company says that the region is ripe for the development of a Linux desktop, too.

The sales revenue of China's Linux market has reached 40.3 million Yuan. Linux maintained solid growth, showing the prosperity of China's Linux market. Large manufacturers, such as Red Flag Software, Turbolinux, China Standard Software, Novell and Red Hat, hold the market share.

The report said that the growth of Linux on desktops in China was due to the fact that four major ministries and commissions have been cracking down on software piracy. Many PC manufacturers now tend to pre-install Linux Desktop over other desktop software because the costs are relatively lower. Linux's ability to be customized according to the needs of hotels, lotteries, and the country provides Linux's desktop market with more opportunities.
Last modified on 07 November 2007
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