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Red Hat moves to OpenJDK

by on06 November 2007


Sun partner gets partnership at last

Red Hat
has had "trust issues" with Sun in the past but has finally decided to give its OpenJDK project a try. The top Linux seller announced it has signed an OpenJDK Community agreement, which will give it access to the Sun compatibility kit.

Red Hat's core customer base might like OpenJDK, but the company has avoided tight Java ties and has slammed Sun for its earlier semi-proprietary Java ways.

In 2004 Red Hat's then-CTO, Michael Tiemann, told Jonathan Schwartz, now Sun's Chief Executive, that if the company loved open source so much it would open source Java. "...If you won't open source Java, it means you don't love us, or at least you don't trust us. Why, then, should we trust you...?"

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