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AOL Spammer jailed for 27 months

by on05 November 2007


Caught in U.S. government sting

A New Jersey
man has been sentenced to 27 months in prison for spamming 1.2 million America Online subscribers. Todd Moeller, 28, was  caught making a deal with a government informant to send spam advertising security software in return for half the profits.

Moeller had worked out a way of defeating AOL's filter system by using a variety of computer servers and changing the header information on e-mails to ensure they could not be traced.

When trying to sell his services to the informant via instant messaging, he bragged he could conceal the source of the e-mails through his access to 40 different servers and had profited $40,000 a month from other spam e-mail scams that promoted stocks.
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