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BlackBerry will likely get Flash support

by on20 August 2009


Could even get Silverlight support, as well

We had a very interesting discussion with one of our sources today that told us that at least basic Flash support is in development for the BlackBerry platform. While it is not clear as to what version of the OS it is being developed for or which models might be able to support it, if this happens it would address one of the biggest shortcomings of the BlackBerry platform.

Of course, our source also suggested that none other than Microsoft might be working on porting Silverlight support to the BlackBerry platform, as well. While Flash clearly has the market right now, Microsoft is trying to make inroads with Silverlight, and porting it to the BlackBerry platform could quickly make a lot of users dependent on Silverlight technology very quickly, but again, we don’t know what OS version it might support or which models might be able to handle it.

Other than a more robust Web browsing solution, support for both Flash and Silverlight could be a big boost to the BlackBerry platform and it would offer something that many users want. The advantage to play Flash-encoded video files alone would be an outstanding addition to the BlackBerry platform for the long term.

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