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Samsung has its eye on Tegra as well

by on27 July 2009


Another big one for Nvidia?

According to the post over at, Samsung also has its mind set on Nvidia's Tegra chip and might be the first big manufacturer to use it inside a mobile phone. Microsoft was a first big one to join for some Tegra fun with its Zune HD media player, but Samsung might be the first one to use it in a mobile phone.

According to various reports, Tegra equipped mobile phones should launch in the fourth quarter and AT&T or T-Mobile were reported as a prime suspects for such device. The reports also indicated that it could have a US $199 price tag but the information about the first big manufacturer was kept hidden.

We already had a chance to see that Tegra works flawlessly with Windows CE and Android, and Samsung already has some experience with it on its I7500 Android based device. The info about the release date, specs or the price are still unknown but the sheer confirmation that Samsung will have such a device is quite interesting, and it seems that Tegra might be quite popular by the end of this year.

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