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Apple blames iPhone 3GS discoloration on protective cases

by on10 July 2009


Stop moaning and clean it with alcohol

latest toy, the speedy iPhone 3GS got some bad press after a discoloration issue was noticed on white units. The back of the phone basically changed colour to a shade of pink and brown following intensive use.

Punters rushed to blame Apple for the issue, saying that the new, faster CPU, was churning out a bit more heat than the pearl white plastic could handle. A few days later Apple updated a technical document dealing with the phone's operating temperatures, causing even more controversy.

However, Smug Central is now claiming that it has nothing to do with the issue, and it is blaming consumers for it. It says that user-added protective cases used on white iPhones are to blame for the suntan.

It claims that the plastic protected by a warning sticker was unaffected, and that the discoloration can easily be removed by a fine cotton swab, alcohol and a bit of elbow grease.

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