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Facebook for iPhone 3.0 on the way

by on02 July 2009


Wastes more time

Social notworking giant Facebook says its Facebook app for iPhone 3.0 is coming very soon, and that it's 98 percent done.

Apparently it's a major upgrade, and the next incarnation for the 3.1 update should feature push notifications.

Anyway, here's a list of some improvements and new features in the 3.0 version:

  1. 1. The "new" News Feed
  2. Like
  3. Events (including the ability to RSVP)
  4. Notes
  5. Pages
  6. Create new photo albums
  7. Upload photos to any album
  8. Zoom into photos
  9. Easier photo tagging
  10. Profile Pictures albums
  11. A new home screen for easy access to all your stuff, search, and notifications
  12. Add your favorite profiles and pages to the home screen
  13. Better Notifications (they link to the comments so you can reply)
  14. Quickly call or text people right from the Friends page
  15. Messages you are typing will be restored if you quit or are interrupted by a phone call
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