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Sprint will release Tour on July 12th

by on02 July 2009


Only for online or phone orders initially

More info has come to light since our story yesterday on Sprint’s plans for the release of the BlackBerry Tour. It would appear that Sprint will be making the Tour available starting July 12th as well, but there is a catch.

From our understanding, the catch is that you will only be able to order it on July 12th by ordering online or by calling into Sprint’s telesales to place your order for the BlackBerry Tour. As we predicted yesterday, Sprint does not plan to start offering the Tour in Sprint stores till July 20th as we reported yesterday.

The exact reason for the delay in getting the Tour into the stores is unknown, but our moles in yellow claim to us that Sprint got a late start on getting the Tour through technical acceptance testing and finishing their customization of the Tour package for distribution, so the number of units that they will have on the 12th is limited; and they will not have enough inventory in place for delivery to stores until July 20th.

One other interesting point that our moles in yellow also made to us is that Sprint has underestimated the response to the Tour from Sprint BlackBerry business customers, who are apparently calling their Sprint Business account reps begging for the Tour already. In addition, as with Verizon, apparently many business customers are also already asking for a Sprint version of the Tour without the camera, just like the one that Verizon is going to be offering.

For the pricing, as expected in the end Sprint has decided to match the Verizon pricing for the Tour with Sprint offering the Tour for $199 for upgrade eligible customers with a two-year contract and, of course, after applying the instant and mail-in rebates. The Sprint web site appears not to have been updated with all of the latest info, but we expect that will happen shortly before we hit July 12th.

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