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Iphone 3G S could do 720p

by on19 June 2009


CPU apparently runs at up to 833MHz

Rapid Repair crew managed to get their hands on an iPhone 3G S, sold in France a few hours back, and as soon as they did, they took it apart to see what Apple had come up with under the bonnet.

As you probably know, Cupertino didn't change the design too much, but there's plenty of hardware tweaks to report. As we said earlier, the new iPhone is based on a Samsung SoC S5PC100, and packs an ARM Cortex A8 clocked at 600MHz, although Rapid Repair reports it runs at up to 833MHz and it can handle 720p video and video conferencing.

It's faster than its predecessor, and the CPU clock seems to have been nearly doubled, but Apple really should have tinkered with the looks too,just so people could tell you actually got a new one. The possible 720P support will depend on Apple's decision and might never happen, but on the other hand, a 833MHz CPU clock might make things simply too hot for this phone.

You can find the strip down pics and guide here.
Last modified on 19 June 2009
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