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Verizon to announce Tour

by on16 June 2009


Official announcement expected later today

Our sources rang us up this morning to let us know that as a follow up to our story yesterday about Verizon releasing the BlackBerry Tour in July that they will in fact officially announce the Tour later today along with the release date.

The Tour is highly expected by Verizon BlackBerry customers that are looking for something beyond the current Storm and Curve. Many are interested in a new BlackBerry unit that offers the styling features of the BlackBerry Bold, which is still currently an AT&T exclusive. It is expected that the Tour, once released, will provide a balance between the styling of the Bold with the functionality of the latest in BlackBerry technology.

According to our sources Verizon is eager to get the Tour announced because BlackBerry owners are going to see a variety of new devices being released soon, and Verizon feels that it is important to offer one of the latest BlackBerry models in an effort to avoid customers hopping to another carrier because they offer new BlackBerry models. BlackBerry customers are known to be very brand loyal, and normally upgrade to the latest BlackBerry devices at the end of their contracts.

Look for the Verizon BlackBerry Tour website to go live later today at:

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