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Verizon to get Tour in July

by on15 June 2009


Now confirmed to be the latest BlackBerry added

As we have told you recently, Verizon would be getting the new BlackBerry Tour; and while our sources have suggested that it would be mid-summer, we can now confirm that it will, in fact, arrive in July. While the official date in July has yet to be announced, Verizon has not been shy about letting everyone know that they are going to be adding the Tour to their lineup.

The Tour is expected to replace some of the aging BlackBerry models in Verizon’s BlackBerry lineup. The Tour is best described as an advanced version of the Curve with the styling of the BlackBerry Bold. It is expected with many carriers that the Tour will eventually replace the current Curve offerings and be the mainstream BlackBerry for most users.

As for the Storm 2, we know that it is coming, but when is another matter altogether. From what we hear, Storm 2 prototypes have been in field trials for some time as RIM and Verizon work to tweak the phone and the OS. While it is unknown exactly when it will arrive, our sources insist that Verizon would like to have it out before the end of the Summer, and an August launch would be what Verizon would like to see. A lot of testing needs completed and things are going to have to go right to make this date, but we do think it is only slightly possible that they will make this date; look for it in September, instead.

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