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iPhone 3G S pre-orders sold out as of June 12th

by on14 June 2009


New shipments arriving in a week or two

It appears that the iPhone 3G S bandwagon is getting particularly crowded, as a few reports we’ve read have indicated that pre-order spots on Apple’s site have all been taken already. In other words, if you didn’t get in a pre-order by Friday evening then your best bet for getting a phone on launch day is to wait in front of your local Apple store around 7am.

During the announcement of the iPhone 3G S at WWDC, Apple gave its AT&T customers two pre-order options for purchasing the new phone. The first option allowed customers to pre-order the device online at the Apple store, where it would be shipped early and delivered on launch day June 19th. The second option allowed customers to place a pre-order on the Apple site and pick up the device at any local Apple retail store on June 19th. Either way, both options would get the phone in your hands on launch day, with the second more oriented for those hardcore enthusiasts who absolutely want the phone in their hands by early morning.


Existing AT&T customers who own the iPhone 3G and want to upgrade to the iPhone 3G S on launch day can check their eligibility for a “reduced” upgrade price over here. Sarcastically, we should note that the prices have been reduced from AT&T’s No Commitment pricing options of a staggeringly low $599 for the 16GB model and $699 for the 32GB model. In other words, it is best to get your iPhone 3G on eBay as soon as possible before the influx of mad sellers beat your offer in the game of supply and demand.

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