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Verizon Storm to finally get OS update

by on01 June 2009


After much delay, arrives for download

After all
of the drama, Verizon Storm owners who have been waiting for the off again, on again release of the BlackBerry OS update will be pleased to learn that version was released Sunday.

From what we hear the 148 update, as it has become known, includes a total of 98 enhancements and fixes for Verizon Storm owners. While we don’t know all of the specifics of all of the enhancements and fixes, it is said that it does address a variety of problems and issues that users have been complaining about and it will improve the overall experience of the Storm.

Verizon will be rolling out this update to customers using the over-the-air distribution method, which started late Sunday. You can go to Options->Advanced Options->Wireless Updates to see if this process has started or attempt to push this process along. From what we hear the update package will be about 23MB for the entire update package.

It has been a long road to get to this point, with version 141 failing acceptance testing, which seems to really have set back RIM and the provider in getting this update out the door. It is, however, necessary to get this update out, as owners have needed it for a long time. From what our sources tell us, this will be the last version in the 4.7.x.x series to be released, as RIM and Verizon are focused on getting the first version of BlackBerry OS 5 out on the Storm as soon as possible. So, unless there is a major problem uncovered with the 148 update, don’t look for any additional updates for the Storm till version 5 is available.

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