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Storm 2 & Pre headed to Verizon

by on29 May 2009


Also to offer Android before end of year

Verizon appears to not want to be left out of the new smartphone race as it already has plans in the pipeline to offer the Storm 2, as we already know. Besides the second generation Storm model, the company also appears to be laying the groundwork to let users know that the Palm Pre will be headed to Verizon, as well.

The news that Verizon will be getting the Palm Pre can’t help the Sprint launch of the Pre; with some customers who are thinking of switching to Sprint to get a Pre now knowing that Verizon will have the Pre, as well, within the next six months or so. Perhaps the surprise of this news is that Verizon is also laying the groundwork for future WebOS devices, suggesting that they would also be offering other Palm devices.

In addition to the news that the Pre is heading to Verizon, we also have sources telling us that the company is looking at some Android powered devices and expects to add at least one or perhaps two Android powered devices before the end of the year.

Last modified on 29 May 2009
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