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No early Palm Pre for the chosen few

by on27 May 2009


Will not have enough for expected demand

It seems that the lucky ones who were invited to the night before launch party for the Palm Pre at their local Sprint store might not even be able to walk out with a Pre on that night. From what we know, you can put your order in, but you will have to come back to pick up your Pre. This is now, of course, subject to availability.

It seems that all of a sudden (as we told you previously) there is a now a lot of worry going around at both Palm and Sprint HQ that they will not be able to satisfy the projected demand for the Pre on launch day. So, the night before launch party has become more of a night before sneak peek.

If this all does sound a bit too familiar, it is. Sounds a lot like the hype machine that has proclaimed the iPhone in short supply at launch. We don’t know yet if it is, in fact, just good marketing or truly a real shortage due to a lack of delivery of units on Palm’s part. While Sprint and Palm do believe that inventory will be depleted, it is just questionable at this point if the Pre hasn’t been a bit over sold and over hyped. We have a bit longer for the truth to come out, but one thing is for sure - you had better arrive early on launch day if you expect to take home a Pre that day.

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