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Bold on AT&T gets OS update

by on14 May 2009


Several fixes for users to address issues

Word has reached us that AT&T has certified an update for BlackBerry Bold users that will move the applications on the OS from version to and update the OS platform from to

While the update is not large in the scope of issues addressed, it is an update nonetheless that does address some issues, including a bit better signal quality and an improved 3G connectivity, as well.

Many Bold users that are waiting for the Visual Voicemail to be a go will be disappointed to learn that it is still not supported in this release. Overall, from what we have been hearing the update seems to help those with reception problems or those having issues staying connected at 3G, but beyond that it does not seem to address much else in this release. We hear whispers that another update is already in the pipeline and is expected to roll out very soon.

Last modified on 14 May 2009
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