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Curve 8900 on AT&T to go for $199

by on13 May 2009


With a 2 year agreement & $100 rebate

With the launch of the Curve 8900 upcoming on AT&T, we have finally received word from our sources that our prediction of a $199 price point with a 2-year agreement seems to be correct. The only thing is that in order to get the $199 price with the 2-year agreement, you will have to pay $299 and get $100 back via a mail-in rebate.

While the situation isn’t ideal, it is the $199 price point that puts the Curve 8900 under the Bold which, of course, was necessary. The Bold is still going for $299 with a 2-year agreement after a $100 rebate. All in all, it still isn’t a bad deal for either of these BlackBerry devices. With demand high, we don’t look for the prices to drop any time soon, but you never know.

We have heard some whispers that indicate that AT&T might try to move the number lower before the fall; but if anything, we believe that it will be an elimination of the rebate at some point and we don’t see the price going down for at least some time.
Last modified on 13 May 2009
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