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Andriod to grow faster than iPhone

by on12 May 2009


Fortunetellers' claim

The fortune
telling department of  Strategy Analytics has worked out that Google's Android platform will grow faster than the iPhone in 2009.

After reading the entrails of a healthy ram, its analysts said that devices like the T-Mobile G1 have just a small fraction of shipments today but are expected to grow 900 percent in 2009 as multiple extra smartphones launch and more carriers come onboard.

After turning over the Tarot card "the seven of coins" the analysts concluded that the iPhone will grow but at a much smaller 79 percent growth rate to 23.8 million iPhones per year. This means that Android will ultimately win as the favoured phone operating system and Apple will occupy a niche market for the terminally smug.

Strategy Analytics director Neil Mawston said that Android is now in a good position to become a top-tier player in smartphones over the next two to three years.  That is if it does not meet a tall dark stranger on the ides of March. 

One of the reasons why Android might win, fates aside is that Apple has set a relatively high minimum price and by a repeated refusal to allow outside control of the operating system, which has led to a stalled China deal.
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