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BlackBerry Onyx hits testing

by on11 May 2009


3G version of the Curve 8900

Our sources called and let us in on the news that RIM has the BlackBerry Onyx in testing. The Onyx is the 3G version of the already released Curve 8900.

From what we hear RIM is gearing up their 3G testing and the Onyx has already been placed with carriers for testing. Beyond the addition of 3G support, we hear whispers of a keyboard revision that is more like the 9630 Tour keyboard that is also part of the Onyx design.

While we don’t yet know all of the specifics, we suspect that we will hear more soon once the Onyx gets a little more testing and development under its belt. It could be that we might see the Onyx before the end of the year, depending on how the initial field trials with the carriers go.
Last modified on 11 May 2009
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