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Nokia dumps N97 pre-order price in the US

by on08 May 2009


Europe gets screwed again

The Nokia N97 has been available for pre-order for a little while now and we're sure this handset is going to be mighty popular, but it seems like Nokia is doing everything they can to make it sell in the US, as not only does the company throw in a free Bluetooth headset, but they also give all pre-order buyers a hefty discount.

The N97 is listed for a pre-order price of US$699 (€521), but this includes a free BH-703 Bluetooth headset. However, as soon as you add the N97 to your shopping basked, you get an instant discount taking the handset price down to $524.25 (€391). But this isn't the best deal you can get, as entering the promotional code CARTP409N takes the price down to a mere $454 (€339). This is a saving of almost $245 (€183). It's worth nothing this excludes sales tax.

Europeans that are lucky enough to live in a country where the N97 is up for pre-order has to fork out €649 and we don't even get a free Bluetooth headset. In Sweden the N97 is listed on the Nokia site for a whopping €761, although that includes 25 percent VAT. Expansys has the N97 listed at an insane £669.99 (€751), but this is still €10 less than it costs in Sweden.

We're not sure what Nokia is playing at here, but once again Europe gets screwed while the US reaps the benefits. Hopefully the N97 will be available for a reasonable price on contract when it launches later this summer.
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