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May 17th could be Pre launch

by on14 April 2009


Word is that Sprint is gearing up

The Palm Pre has made a splash these days, and next to the iPhone rumors folks just can’t seem to find out enough on the plans for the Pre. According to our sources Palm is geared up for a projected launch on the 17th of May, and memos that have leaked all over the place seem to confirm that Sprint would like to launch on this date.

The date is important in the fact that many suspect that Sprint would like to launch before the new iPhone in June if at all possible, but if Palm can’t deliver enough units to Sprint our sources tell us that the launch will likely be delayed until at least the 29th of June.

While Palm and Sprint are not talking, it seems that tongues are wagging all over the place about the potential of the Pre and the level of interest by consumers in the new device from Palm. While some suspect that the Pre might, in fact, be able to win many of the Palm OS users over quickly, it is yet to be known if the Pre has what it takes to take on the likes of the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Right now with all of the information that we have in front of us from our sources, we think that while a limited soft-launch in May might be possible, it is going to be hard for Palm to make that date according to our sources. We predict that it is more likely that it will be bumped to on or before June 29th. We just don’t think that Palm will be able to make a May date in order to get out ahead of the next iPhone launch.

As a side note of interest, one of our sources has been playing with and using the Pre for some time now and tells us that while things were a little rough at first, with the last couple of updates things have gotten much better, and it is a great device. With a little bit more polish things appear to be close to launch ready from the OS perspective.
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