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Stanley tools now does software

by on14 April 2009


iPhone branded level app is a first

So we have seen a lot of interesting uses for the accelerometer and digital gyroscope technology in the iPhone, but the use of the iPhone as a level has been one of the more popular uses of this technology inside the iPhone. It seems tool manufacturer Stanley has now gotten into the fray becoming the first tool manufacturer that we know of developing software for the iPhone.

Yes, that’s right… head over to the iPhone Apps store and download the Stanley Lighted FatMax Level application for iPhone or iPod Touch. With four different level styles to choose from and each of the four styles representing level products in the Stanley product line, from what we can tell the application is pretty darn accurate when compared to a regular level.

The decision to launch this free application for the iPhone and iPod Touch may have more to do with branding and marketing than anything else. With the large Stanley logo placed in the middle of your screen when you use the application, it is likely that you will think of Stanley next time you need to buy a tool that you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch to emulate.

From what we can tell, for everyday tasks this is not a bad deal. It works and it looks good while doing it. From Stanley’s perspective it is some of the best and most creative marketing that it could do. Download and add it to your iPhone or iPod Touch, as it is accurate and useful and quite a bargain, since it is, after all, free.
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