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Beta 3.0 firmware hints at new features

by on08 April 2009


iPhone to get video recording

Since the Beta 3.0 firmware for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been in circulation, many have been looking deep inside of it to uncover what new features are likely to be included when the 3.0 firmware is finally released.

According to a variety of sources it is now pretty much certain that 3.0 will introduce video recording to the iPhone world. With screenshots that have been showing up all over the place for the recording interface it is all but assured that this will make its way into 3.0.

Beyond the addition of video recording, word of auto focus camera technology has also been suggested as one of the new additions that could likely see the light of day, as well. In addition, a digital compass which is known by the name magnetometer is also a likely possibility if the rumors of the addition of GPS are in fact true.

With the addition of voice control to the latest iPod Shuffle, it is no surprise and highly likely that Apple will be adding at least some Voice Control to the 3.0 firmware update, as well. However, it is unknown if this will be totally backward compatible or only available to 2nd and 3rd generation iPhone and iPod Touch offerings.

In the meantime, word that we hear from our sources is that Apple plans to release a final version of the 3.0 firmware in the summer time frame prior to the next launch that is likely to feature updated iPods, as well as the latest iPhone offering.
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