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Sprint releases update for 8350i

by on06 April 2009


New OS update should finally fix echo issue

Sprint has finally released another BlackBerry OS update for the Curve 8350i, which should finally fix the problem “echo issue” that has plagued the unit since release. While the last update addressed the issue, this update finally cures the problem, at least from our understanding.

The 8350i has had some growing pains since release. While the unit was viewed as a major upgrade (as the Nextel enabled BlackBerry units had not been upgraded in some time), the 8350i has already become quite popular with those corporate customers that continue to use the Nextel Direct Connect service.

According to our sources, the latest update not only fixes the echo issue, but includes tweaks when replying to MMS messages, has Quiet and Vibrate profiles that will not allow Direct Connect calls to come blaring over the internal speaker and the Master Radio Rest option will now no longer cause the device to reboot.

Our sources indicate that additional upgrades are in the pipeline for the 8350i, but these fixes will seem to address the issues that users currently have. The timeline for the next OS upgrade for the 8350i has yet to be decided.
Last modified on 06 April 2009
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