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Apple lawyers are jailbreakers

by on30 March 2009


No one listens to Steve anymore

While the
fruit themed control freaks at Apple are demanding that people use its expensive gadgets in the way that Messiah Steve Jobs tells them, it seems they are ignoring the orders themselves.

Looking at a patent application for the iPhone biometric security patent application. Engadget worked out that they were looking at screen shots of a jailbroken iPhone. Yep the lawyers who designed the iPhone patent clearly did not want to work with the telco that Steve Jobs told them they had to work with and had installed software which was deemed heretical in St Steve's sight.

In the picture you can see, SMBPrefs, and the iWood Realize theme from the iSpazio repository. Apple's briefs Kramer, Levin Naftalis & Frankel are going to be in hot water when the office opens this morning.

There is no reason why the patent needed to show a jailbroken phone as it is not relevant for the technology and it was probably drawn from real life to illustrate Springboard variations.

You know there is something wrong with your control freak behavior when even your own lawyers think you are being a bit silly.

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