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Acer Android handset said to launch in September

by on24 March 2009


Seems very far away right now

Acer's first Android handset is set to launch in September if a confidential source at Acer quoted by Bloomberg is correct. The handset in question is the A1 which was displayed as a dummy sample at the Mobile World Conference last month.

So far no details are known about this handset apart from the OS it will be using, but it seems like Acer is going to be late in joining the Android crowd, as many of its competitors should have handsets out before then.

The adoption rate of Android has been slower than we expected, although mobile phone makers are generally not as fast when it comes to adopting new technology as the PC manufacturers and this could be part of the reason behind the slow uptake.

With Acer's takeover of E-Ten, the company does at least have a qualified team of engineers and hopefully Acer will understand the importance of designing devices that has a wide consumer and business appeal. September seems like an awfully long way away right now, but we can only hope that Acer can pull this one off and offer an interesting alternative to the current HTC devices which are somewhat lacking compared to HTC's Windows Mobile devices.

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