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Dell?s smartphone rejected

by on23 March 2009


Back to the drawing board

According to the whispers that we heard over the weekend, Dell recently showed off its prototype smartphone to cell carriers and they rejected the prototype as “dull” and “boring” and lacking the differentiation necessary to stand out in the very competitive smartphone market space.

This was most certainly a blow to Dell, who was hoping that it would be able to come up with its own smartphone that could be the iPhone killer that cell carriers would have to have. The Dell smartphone prototype was unique in the fact that it was able to run either Windows Mobile or Google’s Android operating system.

Dell might not have seen this coming, as the company has had experiences designing both PDA and MP3 player products, although it has only had moderate success with these products. Designing a smartphone takes a lot of experience and work in design areas unique to the cell phone market space that Dell might lack with its current engineering team.

Dell has demonstrated the ability to adapt to trends in the market space and incorporate these into its own products, often times with much success. Our moles tell us that Dell has not given up on its quest to produce a smartphone; and as hard as it was, it took the criticism to heart and is going to return to the lab and give it another shot.

We just don’t know if Dell will want to continue to invest the kind of dollars that will be required to achieve a design that cell carriers will be able to get behind. It is going to take a lot for someone to design something that is on the scale of the iPhone and to be able to dethrone Apple as current king of the smartphones.
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