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Google stocks break the $700 mark

by on02 November 2007


And keeps growing

stock price has broken the US$700 mark, less than a month after reaching $600 in October.

Despite a day of lackluster trading on Wall Street and the falling Dow Jones, Google managed to push past the $700 mark and close at US$707 after a $12.23 gain in yesterday's trading.

The frenzy goes on. Google stocks have jumped more than 30% since September, and around 54% since the beginning of the year, having closed at $460 in 2006. The company went public back in August 2004, and the IPO price was a mere US$85, so investors who pounced on it early on made roughly 830% in three years.

At $700 per stock, Google's market value is almost $220 billion.
Last modified on 02 November 2007
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