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HTC Touch II to get free Windows Mobile 6.5

by on18 March 2009


Free update

If you get
yourself an HTC Touch II you will get a Windows 6.5 version for free. This is what a HTC representative told us in a pleasant chat a few days ago. HTC is not certain about the way of transition, but they suspect that there will be an update that will be delivered via Windows.

Windows Mobile 6.5 is a huge leap forward and it will get Windows mobile to a more competitive position against the iPhone OS, while we believe that Symbian is the one that needs to do a lot of catching up.

The Windows mobile 6.5 is being expected later this years but different sources quote different dates and the earliest possible we’ve heard is Autumn this year but it might be later than that.

HTC Touch II looks and works much better than its older brother even with Windows Mobile 6.1 but 6.5 version will certainly get it a new breath. This will give Microsoft a better fighting chance against Apple and this is exactly what they want.

Last modified on 18 March 2009
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