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AT&T to release slew of new phones

by on16 March 2009


More for customers to choose from soon

Customers of AT&T in the U.S. will have a plethora of new phones and other devices to choose from in the upcoming months. AT&T will be rolling out these new devices starting in March and this will continue through June.

The most interesting of the new devices might be the new smartphone by Nokia, which is known by the codename Piranha. The Piranha is a very thin smartphone with a touchscreen. Our sources tell us that it is the E71x, but we are still trying to confirm this. According to our sources, you can look for it to hit stores on March 24th if they are correct.

In addition AT&T will be rolling out the Samsung Propel Pro on Match 19th and the Samsung Impression on March 26th. LG will add two models with the Neon coming on May 9th and the Xenon dropping on April 9th.  The Sony Ericsson C905 is said to make its debut on June 9th on AT&T, as well, for the first of the summer releases.

We have also been hearing some low-key whispers that we are likely going to see the new BlackJack 3 make its way to AT&T on May 9th, but reports seem to conflict as to what exactly this smartphone might be. Several of our sources claim that it is nothing more than an upgraded BlackJack 2 with some new features and it is not, in fact, a full BlackJack 3 release.

AT&T has had a very good track record on bringing new phones out more quickly than other carriers in the U.S. market, but some users complain that the choices that AT&T makes in picking new devices leaves a lot to be desired.
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