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Acer's new Smartphones get priced up

by on11 March 2009


Reasonably competitive

Acer's latest Smartphone's that were announced at the MWC has now been priced up thanks to Expansys and although we'd still like to have some hands-on time with the devices before making our minds up with regards to how competitive they are in terms of build quality and features, at least the pricing isn't too bad.

Starting from the bottom up, the X960 is priced at £349.99 (€380/$480) putting it at a slightly higher price point than the HTC Touch 3G, although most of the features are similar, the X960 wins on having a VGA resolution screen over a QVGA one. The X960 also has support for one additional 3G band which might be handy for travellers, although it has 64MB less RAM and it's 36.5g heavier.

Our favourite of the new Acer devices, the F900 is priced at £424.99 (€461/$584) and its closest competitor is the HTC Touch HD. Again, the specifications are very similar, HTC wins hands down here with more RAM and ROM, a better camera, a built in FM radio and lower weight.

Finally we have the M900 which is priced at £459.99 (€499/$631) and the closest competitor here is the HTC Touch Pro (as the Touch Pro2 isn't out yet). In this case the M900 is slightly cheaper, offers much higher resolution thanks to it's 480x800 WVGA display, has a better camera (5 Megapixels vs. 3.2 Megapixels), but it has half the ROM and less than half the RAM. The M900 is also 23g heavier.

It's all a trade-off with regards to what your needs and wants are, but at least it seems like Acer has managed to position its new handsets at reasonable price points in comparison to HTC, although Acer might have to up the memory spec's on future models to keep up.

You can find all three for pre-order over at Expansys 
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