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Iphone application simulates gunfire

by on03 March 2009


What could possibility go wrong?

At last
there is an Apple application that I can recommend that every Apple fanboy should own. Indeed it should be installed on the operating system when you buy your phone like gadget.

Yep, someone has come up with an application that uses Hollywood special effects to create the sound of realistic gunfire on your iPhone. According to the makers RnSK Softronics,each gun is "carefully crafted," all the way down to the "specific look, realistic options, and unique animations" of the real world gun they're based on. There's even a safety to keep things responsible.

But all it will take is for it to go off at the wrong time, like an American Airport customs hall, or have a neighbour reporting that she hearded gunfire from a fanboy's basement and the coppers will pump the iPhone user so full of lead that when he sits down he makes iPencil marks.

This truly is the killer application that will take iPhone users out of the gene pool and... we are spreading seeds here.... iPhone users, buy it.... seeds.... Steve Jobs says it is ok.... buy it. I mean it buy it!
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