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Apex removed from Verizon roadmap

by on20 February 2009


Niagra could be on track as Bold 9030

New BlackBerry updates are coming from our sources, saying that the Apex (which has also been known as the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230) was deleted from the data devices road map at Verizon. This could mean a couple of things, according to our sources.

Even though pictures of a test unit were leaked onto the Internet, this does not necessarily mean that it will be released, as it is common for carriers to field test devices prior to launch. Our moles suggest that it is either very close to release or it has been dropped; but it could also just be delayed. We are betting that it is close to release from the whispers we are hearing, but we will have to continue to dig on this one to confirm it.

As for the Niagra, which has also been known as the BlackBerry Bold 9030, some photos have appeared that seem to indicate that the device is more of an upscale Curve than a Bold, if you know what we mean. From the whispers we are hearing, RIM has not made a final decision along with Verizon whether this is the direction they want to go with this one. If the green light is given on the 9030, our shadow dwellers are claiming that it will be a late May launch.

The decision on which BlackBerry to go with is compounded for Verizon by the fact that they, along with Sprint, announced that they would both be picking up the Curve 8330. While CDMA users continue to wait for a CDMA version of the Bold, the CDMA version of the Bold may be pushed because the Magnum (which is the rumored 3G BlackBerry with a touchscreen and keyboard) may arrive in August; and with the current economy, CDMA carriers like Verizon may want to hold off.
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