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Intel?s Moorestown got LG design win

by on16 February 2009


Moblin v2.0 Linux based in 2010

LG Electronics is the first company to voice out the support for Intel based Future Mobile Internet Devices. The new device from LG is Moorestown based and will use Linux based Mobline v2.03 software support. LG expects to be the first to market with Moorstown.

LG likes the success of intel Atom Netbooks that it launched in Q4 2008 and it believes that MID platforms will be very popular in the current year as it offers high performance and internet compatibility and service providers should be a big customer for such devices.

Jung Jun Lee executive vice president expects that MID segment will drive growth at LG electronics. Moorestown is based System on chip codenamed Lincroft and integrated 45nm Intel Atom core, graphics, video and memory controller. The platform also has Southbridge I/O hum codenamed Langwel that includes a range of I/O blocks and supports wireless. Just as Nvidia with Tegra, LG will naturally use Ericsson 3G chip to enable 3G support.

Moorestown should reduce idle power consumption by factor of greater than 10 compared to today’s Intel based MIDs. LG's Moorestown MID is expected to market by 2010 which would be later than Nvidia promises for its Tegra platform. It is quite clear that Tegra will compete with Moorestown and Nvidia has yet to announce its first design win.

We expect that both Tegra and Moorestown MIDs will be smaller than notebooks, but we really don’t have any specifics at press time.
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