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Palm not in violation of Apple patents

by on12 February 2009


Continues to focus on getting the Pre out the door

Palm has once again said that it does not believe that the company is in violation of any patents held by Apple. Currently, the company has no legal actions related to the Palm Pre. Palm also noted that they hold over 1,500 patents for their own work and products that they have been amassing over a 15-year period.

The drama surrounding the possibility of Palm violating some Apple patents with the unlaunched Pre goes back to a comment that Apple acting CEO Tim Cook made, to the effect that Apple would not stand for having their IP ripped off and would use whatever legal means were available to prevent it. Things got a bit more escalated when a Palm spokesperson suggested that Apple was not the first one to do a multi-touch screen product.

Apple was awarded a massive patent covering 358 pages of documentation that includes the touch screen, multi-touch, GUI, and many other features found in the iPhone. Palm has said that they will fight vigorously if the Palm Pre should be challenged by Apple in court.

Last modified on 12 February 2009
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