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AT&T will release Curve 8900 & Flip 8210

by on16 February 2009


Will add to BlackBerry models available

As our sources have told us for some time, AT&T will be adding additional new BlackBerry models soon. While AT&T will not get the Storm (at least not yet), it will be adding both the Curve 8900 and the Pearl Flip 8210. With the addition of the 8900 and 8210, AT&T will be offering three of the four latest BlackBerry models.

According to our sources, the Curve 8900 could be released before the end of the month, but our friends in the shadows suggest it is more likely that we will see it released in early March. The SKU for the Curve 8900 is already appearing in the AT&T systems, according the whispers that we hear. No info has come our way as to the pricing for this one yet.

As for the Pearl Flip 8210, the AT&T version will offer the GPS, but likely not the WiFi option. As with the Curve 8900, we have no clue as to what the pricing will look like for the 8210, we think it will be in line with the regular BlackBerry Pearl models that AT&T has sold previously. We suspect that the 8210 could be released as soon as late March, but our sources suggest that early April is more likely.

As for the other BlackBerry models that AT&T is currently selling, look for AT&T to likely move toward discontinuing some of the older models as inventory continues to run out. While refurbished units will continue to be available for some time, we are already starting to see this shift both on the Web site as well as the stores.

As for the Curve models, we expect AT&T to shift fully over to the 8320 as being the full replacement for the 8310 as inventory starts to run out, and the 8900 will be offered as a step-up model that we suspect will retail for about $449 without a contract.

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