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Entry level iPhone starting to look likely

by on11 February 2009


3rd generation revision of iPhone on tap, as well

While Apple has said more than a couple of times that they don’t want to play in the entry level cell phone market space, it seems that the rumor that will not die is back in full force again, claiming that Apple will launch a new stripped-down iPhone as well as an updated third generation high end iPhone in the June or July time frame.

The new stripped down iPhone would carry an MSRP of $99 with the subsidies. It would offer only EDGE support with WiFi and Bluetooth for communications. The screen resolution would likely be 480x320 with a less than 2 megapixel camera. It will not support video or offer any additional expandability, and it will only come with 8GB of flash memory onboard.

The new third generation iPhone will offer UMTS/HSDPA support as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. It will likely add an upgraded screen resolution of 720x480 or 800x480. We suspect that it will add GPS and only be available with your choice of 16GB or 32GB of flash memory. The camera resolution will be greater than 2 megapixels and it will support video, of course.

The troubled economy might have Apple rethinking things, as they might now believe that they can make decent money on the low cost model, as many consumers want to own the iPhone but the price is the barrier to their buying one. Also, with the recent success of the BlackBerry Storm and other upcoming lower cost touch screen units, Apple may now feel that they have to be in this market space after all.

Our sources suggest that we should know more about Apple’s actual plan in the next month or so once the additional tooling is in place to get the phones manufactured.

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